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Senin, 03 Mei 2010


Battle of the Machine

The gameplay is lifted from the popular robot cartoon films in the 80s this year, tells of a battle between two camps of Autobot and Decepticon. On a mobile version of this game, you'll play as Optimus Prime (Autobot faction leader) who try to block malicious intent Megatron (Decepticon faction leader). As in the movie series, the game is Optimus can also change shape from a robot into a car truck or vice versa. In this action, Optimus was not alone because it will be accompanied by Ironhide and Ratchet that appear to provide assistance to a certain level.

This game has three main locations, namely the Arctic, the Hoover Dam and Tranquility. In each of these main location, there are several levels that have been open and still locked. This level can be locked open if you've won this game level.

Type of enemy in this game there are quite diverse and challenging to beat. Because not every enemy can be defeated in the same way, you have to find weaknesses of each type of enemy.

In addition to use of laser weapons, Optimus also has a form of attack my bare hands and hit the enemy (at the time turned into a truck). By using empty hand attacks, you will give more damage to the enemy, rather than other attacks. It's just that your risk for injury is greater.
This game also has an indicator of your success at every level of gaming. And these indicators may affect the final result in this game.

Genre: Action
Platform: J2ME
File: 570 KB
Sound: Yes
High-Score: No
Multiplayer: No
Developer: Glu
Download Info:
Mobile phones: Mobile Java MIDP

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